As of 11/27/2020 10% of all purchases will go towards the rescues/sanctuaries/conservations down below. Rotten Lollipop is not affiliated with any listed unless stated. Each purchase will specify which organization it is donated to and open option donations on all other items. 

Each organization was chosen based off in person tour or extensive research. Most organizations that receive wishlist boxes and money donations from Rotten Lollipop have been visited in person.

If you are a rescue/sanctuary/conservation and in need of donations or wishlist box please send your name, organization name, website and what you are in need of. We are a family owned business so we can't offer thousands of dollars but we do as much as we can which includes donate items for fundraising, we participate in fundraisers and other activities free of charge, we have several mascots we perform in for fundraising events and can help organizing fundraising events. All you have to do is contact us and let us know what you are interested in. 

We are very laid back bunch and easy to work with despite some of our more scarier stuff on Rotten Lollipop.

We donate to all animals not just wildlife. We actually make cat beds and dog blankies free of charge for certain cat and dog rescues. We also offer animal and environmental friendly toys for domestic and wildlife. Everything is 100% safe and we always label materials used.

Important Information: We also own Kingdom of Sirens on Etsy and that is strictly for Ocean Life

 * You can also make direct donations to the organizations below. Just click the image to be directed to their website.